Tommy Hilfiger creative services 2008

“Style is quite impossible to define. Like charisma, you know it when you see it. Not too many possess it: unlike fashion, it cannot be bought. Imaginative, one of a kind, it differs from individual to individual. It’s an offshoot of personality, not a cover all, and it’s concerned with real life, not just high fashion. Most importantly, it must be real – yours – not a slavish copy of someone else’s. You have to care deeply yet not give a damn. True style implies attitude, attitude, attitude. It’s elusive, exclusive and ephemeral: therein lies its magic.”

Text by Iris Apfell

  • Design / Caramel Maastricht
  • Print / Zwaan Printmedia / 1000 copies
  • Paper / Keaykolour Aubergine, Rives Design Bright White, Curious Metallics Gold Leaf, uncoated offset (no info), coated gloss (no info)
  • Finishing / Sewn Hardcover, book ribbon / no info who binded / UV Spot on the creativ papers / Metallic varnish on the coated gloss papers